Airtight Glass Jars with Hinged Clip Lid - 250ml

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  • EZOWare Bottles, Jars and Containers offer practical and convenient solutions to store and organize kitchen spices, food, keepsakes, or decorate your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, bedrooms, craft & hobby area, or other spaces.
  • [ AIRTIGHT FRESHNESS ] The lids have easy to open metal bails with silicone rubber gasket ensure airtight sealing. Great for smaller dry or wet foods, baking goods ( flour / powders / salts / sugars ), cookies, cereals, ), loose leaf tea leaves, spices or other ingredients.
  • [ MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE ] Perfect for creating keepsake party favors ( wedding / baby shower / vacation keepsakes / candy / candle / decorations / festive gifts ), home-made treats, storing spices and other ingredients, snacks and treats, smaller bathroom and vanity items ( swabs / hair ties ) or smaller household and personal items.
  • [ CONVENIENT AND PRACTICAL ] 12 piece jar set in clear glass an at a glance way to locate your stored goods quick and easy. Easy to open and seal air tight hinged clip top style lid for food preservation. The jars can even be easily personalized if used for events and parties.
  • 12 Piece Set. Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.8 inches (8.3 x 9.7 cm). Mouth Opening Diameter: 3 inch (7.5cm). Capacity: 250ml (~about 8.5 fl oz). Material: Soda Lime Glass + Silicone + Iron.