Tie Belt Hangers - 2 packs


  • EZOWare 24 Clip Natural Wood Swivel Tie Rack Hanger for Ties, Belts, Scarves, Bags and more. Designed to save space and organize closets, wardrobes, or other hanging storage areas.
  • Elegant natural light maple finish to match closet systems and decor. Constructed of hardwood and steel to ensure durability complimenting style. Sturdier with greater longevity than plastic tie racks and hangers. Peace of mind without worrying about snapping or cracking from plastic tie racks.
  • Multi-purpose: Hang ties, belts, scarves, camisoles and other items using the single or double hooks.
  • Compact Design: Holds Ties / Belts / Scarves using a swivel hook system that can be folded flat when not in use. The hooks can be pulled outwards for tie display and easy access, or pushed in to save space.
  • Increase the longevity of ties: Avoid wrinkles, creases, and fabric bunching by allowing the tie to lay flat and hang properly on the swivel hooks. 24 Hooks, 12 Hooks per side. Hook Length: 2.5in. Maximum Extension (both sides extended): 5.25in. Pack of 2 hangers to maximize closet and storage space.

Category: Closet, Hanging Shelves