Teenage Bedroom Decor Ideas

5 Fresh Bedroom Ideas to Help Your Teens Decor

February 20, 2020

Time flies so fast that your kids don’t want to be called babies anymore. As they grow they easily change their minds on room decisions. Probably they want to get rid of or hide their childhood toys, they want cool posters on their walls, a more cozy study table, or even more space for their books or other stuff.

Never forget, teens want to style it on their own. They want to express it as a reflection of themselves, but what if decorating their own room ends up as a disaster?

Since you are the cool parent who is always there when your teens at their wits’ end, we gathered fresh teen bedroom ideas that you can carry out to their own private space.

1. Increase Their Focus with a Workspace

Boost productivity by emphasizing their workspace. A clean area gives them peace of mind when studying. Free them from distractions and turn that lonely corner to an ergonomic study desktop.

Teenage Bedroom with Worspace

2. Display Gallery Walls

If you have teens who love or even create art, let them exhibit those pieces by complementing the wall color, beddings, and other cute room accents. DIY accessories are also welcome!

Teenage Girl Bedroom with Art Decors

3. Vanity is Fair

Introduce your lovely girls to simple makeup and grooming products by having a well-lit area in their room to get them ready to start each day.

Vanity Mirror for Teenage Girl Bedroom

4. Patterns and Pantones

Showcase geometry and colors in a slick way that sure teenage guys will vibe. Combine with minimal aesthetics which will be a great show off to his friends!

 Teenage Boy Bedroom with Colors and Pattern

5. Touch of Nature

Incorporate nature elements in the room that will boost their mood. Bring the outside in with the help of natural light and handmade furniture that will bring them closer to mother earth. Even a great bedroom idea for teenagers with small rooms.

Nature Style Teenage Bedroom 

Check out this set of Handwoven Seagrass Straw Rustic Baskets, the natural style gives an elegant look that easily matches your room decor. A versatile storage solution that is stackable when not in use.

EZOWare Handwoven Seagrass Straw Rustic Baskets

Final Thoughts

Teenagers got a lot of things happening in their phase, they don’t even share their dilemmas every now and then. Encourage them to make their personal space livable, clean, comfortable, and of course, organized. Teach them that their room is a reflection of themselves, their health and wellbeing.


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