7 Tips On How To Decor Your Home and Office Like a Pro

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While decorating your home and office, you know how to plan your own structure of your home design. We get giddy thinking about the floor plan, wall paints and the rush of finding that ideal vintage piece.

Apart from this, structuring your space can be a long and overwhelming procedure as there are many things to be considered. Like between budget limitations and unlimited choices made over a long period of time. 

That’s why we have listed here are 7 tips on how to decorate your home and office like a pro introducing the graceful and stylish collections of EZOWare that will surely be helpful to you.

1. Know your dealbreakers

Don’t settle! If you have your heart set on a piece, don’t try to find something similar just to save money. Chances are, you might never be completely satisfied with the substitute especially when it comes to quality.

Take your time when furnishing your home decoration as it will be worth the wait and the price. The right furniture is more important than having a lot of furniture. It is not ideal to have something in a room just to fill the space, so only bring furniture into your home that you love!

Curate your accessories during your travels, scour flea markets, collect books about your interests, layer in different textures, and only purchase items you truly love. Why buy something that goes to waste anyways?

You can add the EZOWare Water Hyacinth Basket Set to your list. These baskets are simple and provide a solution to today's office and home storage needs. Its natural style gives an elegant look that easily matches the room.

EZOWare Water Hyacinth Basket Set

2. Be organized

Clear out the clutter. If you have things that you don’t like anymore, just pack it and donate. It’s always good to get a fresh start with a clean eye. Cleaning your space will open up new possibilities for design layouts and give you peace of mind. 

Introducing our Paper Rope Woven Baskets. These rectangular plastic baskets have a woven pattern for breathable storage with handles for a simple yet durable design. Clear clutter and stay organized.

EZOWare Paper Rope Woven Baskets

3. Trust your gut

Remember when there are times you doubt yourself if the first thing that comes to your mind may not be good?

The truth is your initial feeling is usually right! When it’s time for decision-making, it can be overwhelming because there are so many great ideas to choose from. But you will find out that it is usually your first inspiration that is the best choice. 

Like our valued customers who trusted our products. Our 4-Tier Hanging Organizer is a versatile and easy to use space saver to instantly add storage over standard sized doors. Perfect to store and access everyday essentials.

EZOWare 4-Tier Hanging Organizer

4. Bring the outside in

Bring the outside in by adding living plants and greenery! Plants add warmth and life to space. They bring in color and give an organic, fresh element to a room. Consider fresh herbs in the kitchen, a potted fiddle leaf fig tree to your living room or succulents on a coffee table.

We have our Stepping Plant Holder Stand which offers a simple and attractive way to proudly display your potted succulents, flowers, herbs, or house plants with minimal fuss. Create your own mini-garden inside!

EZOWare Stepping Plant Holder Stand

5. Do not over design

We found suggested designs on Pinterest and on the internet which could be either a blessing or a curse. Use it as a resource to find what you are drawn to and for new ideas but don’t try to put every image or idea you find in one room.

Remember when minimalist design became a trend? You want your home to feel curated and unique, not like you bought it all at once. 

Simplify your life with the EZOWare 3-Drawer Sliding Organizer Cabinet. A convenient solution to maintaining clean countertops and clear the clutter from cabinets, tabletops, desks, or workstations. A great item to have in-home, office, or dorms.

EZOWare 3-Drawer Sliding Organizer Cabinet

6. Add art

Arts can add sophistication to any space. Buy pieces that move you and then hang them at eye level—art is often hung too high. Art pieces are a great expression of the homeowner and what speaks to them; making your home intimate for family and guests.

You could consider our Rustic Torched Wood Hanging Shelves. It offers a simple and charming way to display and organize home decor accents or personal items. Its rustic torched and distressed wood has an antique neutral color finish to complement your art decors.

EZOWare Rustic Torched Wood Hanging Shelves

7. Always edit, edit, edit

Usually, less is more. When you choose a simple palette and the right pieces for the foundation of a room, all you have to do is add a few details to finish it off. Accessorizing a little can go a long way!

Try out wicker, which has a really good texture and versatility. Like the EZOWare Handwoven Seagrass Straw Rustic Baskets. These 3 nesting baskets are perfect for creating asymmetrical decorations. Purely hand-made yet stackable which is practical and functional.

EZOWare Handwoven Seagrass Straw Rustic Baskets

Final Thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules for decorating. I guess guidelines and good taste might be, however, try to twist that rules and add some element of surprise. Remember, it is your home where there ought to be great fun, spontaneity and giggling. Be artistic and courageous.

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